Main Structure Designs - Gravity Flow Rack Systems

Light Duty:

In today’s working environment things change consistently. Having a flexible and light duty system is vital. These systems are light, mobile, cost effective and ergonomic solution for your application. These systems can be produced from either our Ezi Systems round tube and joint system or the conventional racking and beam system. There are various factors of durability that effect the design and application.

Medium Duty:

Conventional light duty racking (4-ton frames) used in the assembly of the 200 to 1000 kg tray designs. These can be separate units , as stand alone structures feeding inventory to dedicated locations . These units can also be fitted with castors . In bigger installation continuous bays can be configures forming longer rows of product.

Heavy Duty:

Convectional racking with longer tray widths and increased frame capacities ranging from 6000 kg to 10 000 kg frames. The tray capacities are able to have wider front apertures with increased capacities.