Gravity Level/bed types

Inclined flat bed.

  • A set of standard tack lengths fitted in a bed format between beams between frames
  • Lanes can be created or simply open bed of tracks



Inclined flat bed with a limited tilted front presentation tray

  • The front tray can be track or sheet of steel
  • Lanes can be created or simply open bed of tracks.



Inclined flat with a separate attachment with a tillable front presentation tray.

  • This tray is normally a sheet-based presentation shelf.



 Track con be installed in separate lengths between front and rear beams. Separators can be fitted to create dedicated lanes or left to create an open bed.


Staggered wheels fitted to a longer shaft either creating a dedicated lane with separators or lanes placed side by side to create a bed in the tray.



Full width roller fitted between two stringers to form a lane for the carton to flow down. Separators can be installed to create dedicated lanes.