Live Pallet Racking System

The system is sloped to allow pallets to flow in one direction. The slope is normally between 2.3 and 3 degrees depending on weights and distances for the flow to take effect. The conventional racking structure is applied with roller beds designed to support the complete system.

The calculation typically is designed around the pallet specifications and an important specification to conclude the braking and flow speeds on the roller beds. Ezi has trained crew, experienced knowledge of the installation requirements getting the system square and level, critical part of these kinds of installations.

Main Benefits for the system application

  • FIFO ( first in first out) pallet storage method
  • Maximum space utilization of storage
  • Time saving for the pallet selection and handling
  • Excellent stock control
  • Major benefit is the time to pick goods by forklift

The video below provides a brief overview on the installation, testing and implementation of a Live Pallet Racking System.

Live Pallet Racking System