Vacu Easy Lift

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VacuEasylift is a manual vacuumlifting device that handles almost any type of load. The extremely smooth and quick operation is accomplished by using the same handle to lift, lower and release the load and by using the vacuum to hold and lift the load. Industry, engineering shops, warehouses, distribution terminals, VacuEasyLift makes lifting easy in all conceivable working conditions. VacuEasyLift makes lifting safer, both for operators and for the products being handled. Once VacuEasyLift is installed you will no longer need to hire weightlifter staff to lift and move things.

With more than 40,000 units currently in use, TAWI is the market leader in Vacuum Lifting equipment. The VacuEasylift is capable of lifting up to 270kgs. The VacuEasylift can lift almost anything!