Introduction to Gravity Flow systems

A gravity rack system with levels, with rear-bed designed to attach in incline position with the help of rollers and wheels so that the object stored in them automatically rolls down whenever an item is picked from the shelves. The rolling design will facilitate the flow of item form back to front whenever an item is picked.

Ezi Systems a racking system supplier has a key business focus in the productive, effective and durable concepts of gravity flow racks for cartons in warehouse racking systems. We plan, design and manufacture the most flexible and custom industrial racking systems in the world. Our experts will help you to get the right design for your application.

Our 25 years in the industry, with inhouse design and manufactured products tailored to meet most concepts in the industry.


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Industries for the application of Gravity systems:

Installed in areas with considerable picking activity, in assembly process, market place storage in warehouses between bulk store and production/distribution.

  1. In manufacturing environments where smaller lots of inventory is selected from the main warehouse and presented to a “kitting process” or directly to the “production line”
  2. Distribution and picking facilities for airports, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, medical, FMCG, Automotive and general stores.