Applications & Benefits of Modular Systems

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In line with the global trend towards lean manufacturing, we have pioneered a concept that is unique in its simplicity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. We design, manufacture and install whatever modular structures you need to add flexibility and maximize your working environment, thus making your company a world-class competitor. Across the globe, successful manufactures are embracing the process known as “Continuous Improvement”.

Assembly of this strong but light user friendly bracketry is up to 100% faster than traditional systems. Components are adjustable to suit differing working levels after assembly. Numerous accessories can be added for extra adaptability and fine tuning for most applications.

Besides being ISO9001 compliant, our systems are also environment friendly, the only tools required to install them are a pipe cutter, an allen key and a tape measure.


Applications are suitable for all industries, Automotive, Domestic Appliance, Electronic and Computer Assembly etc. In many manufacturing environments it is east to assemble or adapt our racking, trolleys and purpose designed structures for a wide range of applications. Systems can be re-assembled to meet an entirely different need very quickly.

  • On-line racking ensures efficient presentation of parts. Numerous designs in live or static options.
  • Work-in-process racks keen production flowing. Easily fitted, with minimum delay in production time.
  • Roller conveyors ensure everything’s on track.
  • Workstations, work cells improve part layout and easy of assembly. Successful in sequence supple processing.
  • Trolleys, multi-purpose trolleys and push trolleys. the use of numerous accessories ensures the correct storage of the parts.
  • Tilt flow racks improve efficiency and presentation of parts.
  • Carts are created by adding wheels to ensure mobility and flow.
  • Worktables are formed with the addition of boarding.
  • Modular team gathering areas can be made with all necessary report and labeling details.


  • Promotes continuous improvement
  • Eliminates obsolescence – no welding
  • Simple and easy to assemble
  • Totally adjustable
  • Improves productivity
  • Eliminates waste
  • All parts re-usable and never redundant
  • Adaptable to all industries
  • Quick response to improvement
  • Light, flexible & easily adaptable
  • Reduces inventories & buffers
  • Improves teamwork
  • Maintenance free
  • Supports standardization
  • Promotes safety & house keeping
  • Rust protected
  • Promotes visual management
  • Use of maintenance department easily accommodated in doing own design
  • No specialised skills required to do manufacture or modification of racking
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